I Just Love It When You Talk Crude T-Shirt




I Just Love It When You Talk Crude T-Shirt.  The T-shirt in favor of Crude talk! And whats better than crude!  You know you love it!  You know you can’t live the life you want without it!  Just give in to the beauty that it is!  Crude comes in all colors and flavors and viscosities…you love viscosity!  But not this shirt. This shirt is only available in light gray, size XL.  Thats it.  If thats too big for you then you best put on some girth!  If its too small,  as we say in Tejas “Bless Your Heart!” It will show off those massive arms!  Yes the price is high – very high.  The price of fashion.  After all, we develop competency we are not Macys!